Carafate (Sucralfate)
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Product description: Carafate is an anti-ulcer medication. It is used to treat an active duodenal ulcer.
Active Ingredient: Sucralfate
Carafate as known as: Alfate, Alsucral, Altsamin, Alusulin, Andapsin, Antepsin, Bingast, Calfate, Citogel, Crafilm, Escudo, Exinol, Gastalfet, Gastonic, Gastrofait, Gastrogel, Inpepsa, Iselpin, Keal, Ketodol, Medgel, Mulcatel, Musin, Muttermin, Neciblok, Netunal, Ohnesmin, Peptonorm, Propepsa, Regel, Ritaalumin, Shualmin, Sucrabest, Sucrahasan, Sucral, Sucralan, Sucralfaat, Sucralfat, Sucralfato, Sucralfatum, Sucralfin, Sucralmax, Sucramal, Sucramed, Sucrase, Sucrassyl, Sucrate, Sucroril, Sude, Sugar, Sugast, Sulcran, Sulcrate, Suril, Teigast, Tunalmin, Ulcar, Ulcefate, Ulcefix, Ulcerlmin, Ulcermin, Ulcertec, Ulciram, Ulcogant, Ulcon, Ulcrafate, Ulcrast, Ulcyte, Ulgastran, Ulsafate, Ulsaheal, Ulsanic, Ulsec, Ulsicral, Ulsidex, Unival, Urbal, Venter, Yuwan

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40 mg carafate dosage