Lynoral (Ethinyl estradiol)
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Product description: Lynoral (Ethinyl Estradiol) is an oral contraceptive remedy. It is used to prevent pregnancy by inhibiting ovulation. It also prevents symptoms of menopause and can be used in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.
Active Ingredient: Ethinyl estradiol
Lynoral as known as: Aethinyloestradiolum, Aida, Aliane, Apri, Aranelle, Arianna, Balanca, Balziva, Belara, Belarina, Bellgyn ratiopharm, Bellissima, Bellune, Bemasive, Binovum, Biviol, Brenda-35 ed, Brevinor, Careza, Carlin, Chariva, Chloe, Ciclidon, Ciclomex, Cileste, Clairette, Claudia, Clevia, Conceplan, Cryselle, Cycléane, Cyclen, Cyclessa, Cypestra-35, Cyprelle, Cyprene-35 ed, Cyprest, Cyproderm, Cyprodiol, Cypromix, Cyproteron, Cyprotérone, Cyproterone-apc, Daphne, Demulen, Desmin, Désobel, Desolett, Desorelle, Desoren, Diacare, Diane mite, Diane-35, Dianette, Dianova mite, Dileva, Diva-35, Dixi 35, Docdonna, Drina, Drosperin, Dueva, Duofem, Duoluton, Edelsin, Edulen, Efézial, Elisamylan, Elleacnelle, Elleogest, Enriqa, Ergalea, Estelle-35, Estinette, Estinyl, Estraceptin, Estrostep, Ethinyl estradiol, Ethinylestradiolum, Ethinyloestradiol, Etinilestradiol, Etinilestradiolo, Eufem, Eugynon, Evalon, Evépar, Evra, Facetix, Fedra, Felixita, Femcon, Femelle, Femhrt, Femiane, Femigen, Femina, Feminac 35, Feminil, Femodeen, Femoden, Femodene, Femodette, Femovan, Gestinyl, Gestodelle, Gestodette, Gestodiol, Gestofeme, Gestonette, Ginera, Ginette, Ginoden, Gracial, Gratiella, Gynelle, Gyneplen, Gynera, Gynofen, Gynovin, Gyselle, Harmonet, Harmonette, Holgyeme, Hormofen, Improvil, Jasminelle, Jeanine, Jenetten, Jennifer, Juliette, Kariva, Katya, Kelnor, Kipling, Lamuna, Laurina, Leena, Libeli, Liberel, Lilia, Lindynette, Linessa, Liofora, Logest, Lovelle, Low-ogestrel, Lucille, Ludeal, Lumalia, Lybella, Mamineurine, Masbell, Meliane, Melodene, Melodia, Microdiol, Microfollin, Microgestin, Midane, Milligest, Milvane, Minero, Minerva, Minesse, Minigeste, Miniphase, Ministat, Minulet, Minulette, Miravelle, Mirelle, Modina, Mona hexal, Moneva, Mononessa, Morea, Myralon, Myvlar, Necon, Nelova, Neo-eunomin, Neocon, Non-ovlon, Norimin, Norinyl, Nortrel, Norvetal, Novial, Novynette, Nuvaring, Ocella, Ogestrel, Oilezz, Ortho, Orthonett novum, Ortrel, Ovcon, Ovestin, Ovidol, Ovral, Perléane, Phaeva, Planak, Planovar, Planum, Practil 21, Pramino, Prefest, Previfem, Primosiston, Progynon c, Prosexol, Prostarin, Ratiopharmeva, Reclipsen, Reginon, Regulon, Remexin, Restovar, Securgin, Suavuret, Sunya, Sylgestrel, Sylvan, Sylvie, Syndi, Synfase, Synphase, Synphasec, Taril, Tri-gynera, Tri-legest, Tri-minulet, Tri-sprintec, Triadene, Triafemi, Tricilest, Triella, Trigynovin, Triminulet, Trimiron, Trinessa, Trinovum, Triodeen, Triodena, Triodene, Trisequens, Valette, Varnoline, Velivet, Visofid, Vivelle, Vreya, Xylia, Yadine, Yarina, Yasminelle, Yax, Yaz, Yira, Yris, Zenchent, Zovia, Zyrona

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